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Kyle Stuck - Vocals, Guitar

Kyle Michael - Bass

Marty Davis - Drums, Vocals

Raw. Heartfelt. Moving. Honest. And powerful. All words which accurately depict Emo Rock band The Divine Drive. Their stage presence and musicianship proves it. This three-piece from Yakima, WA will steal your heart and the show.

Recently signing with StepOut! Entertainment, The Divine Drive is taking things seriously. They are focusing on touring regionally and playing shows as much as possible. Currently writing the material for a full length, The Divine Drive will be taking the entire month of November to complete this task. A late winter / early 2007 release tour will coincide to support the CD.

The foundation for The Divine Drive was laid when three friends (Kyle Stuck, Chris and Darren) united to form “Free Trial.” When schoolmate, Adam joined on bass the foursome agreed to change the name to “Interstate Four Fifty One.” This name would stick for years. In June of 2002, Kyle Michael took over on bass. As the band reputation grew and notoriety was acquired, several band members came and went. A yo-yo of guitarists and drummers fluctuated until August of 2003, when Kyle S, Kyle M and Brad met Marty Davis. Brad recently stepped down, due to artistic and musical differences. However, the remaining three core members continue to keep an option open for an additional guitar player, but forge forward without delay or recourse.

In late summer of this year, Kyle, Kyle and Marty gave themselves a new beginning by making one simple change. They unanimously confirmed the band's name change to The Divine Drive. What is in a name? It is the harmony and accord of three outstanding young men, digging deep into their souls. The Divine Drive is a vulnerability showing emotion, love and passion that has come only through trial and pain. "It’s when you are driving alone that these realizations are made real to you." (Karri - StepOut! Entertainment) For some its coincidence and for others it’s divine.

Three people playing as one, however sounding like ten. This is The Divine Drive. Their fanbase grows with every show they perform, because the bands live shows are an indescribable infectious experience. This is what music is supposed to sound like, whether it’s the perfectly timed and heart wrenching wails of Marty, the thunderous bass and neverending energy of Kyle M, or the breathtaking and brutal honesty in Kyle S’s voice. You can be sure that this was a match made in heaven.
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