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About me:Neal and Phil have been playing together for a long time now... close to 4 years. The band fully developed when drummer Jesse Robichaud joined the group last winter. The Dead Beats began by playing house parties only asking for free beer as compensation. Before long they had developed a following and started playing bars in the local Boston and North Shore areas. The band is influenced by artists like Lou Reed, The New York Dolls, The Rolling Stones etc. The live performance aspect of their music is of great importance to what they do.

"We can all play our instruments, but our job is to keep you entertained! Nothing is more entertaining to us than Rock and Roll."
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Location:Lowell, MA
Birthday:June 14
Music means to me:Everything
Schools:Umass Lowell, the Philbo institute of Electricity
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Umass Lowell, All Asia, Gin & Juice video
Sat 4/17/2010 7:05PM
4/2/10  Another great time in Lowell Mass.  Hometown crowds are always the best show, check the video and you'll see why.  Special thanks to Snuffy and BizMcgriz for holding it down on Gin & Juice.