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About me:I am an 18 year old college freshman that loves music. i started going to shows toward the end of 2005 and since then hsve been to about 25 shows or so. i am heavily into phish the majority of my time is spent listening to them or dipping into other amazing jam bands like abb, grateful dead, string cheese and many others.
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Location:Egg Harbor City, NJ
Birthday:August 10
Music means to me:Music is more of a feeling for me it just hits me and im blown away. i plan on trying to learn the trades of sound engineering so i can hear music all of the time.
Schools:Elwood/ John H. Glenn High School, Suffolk County Community College.
General Interests:Music, guitar, partying.
Other Distractions:dont really have time for things other then music.


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I really want to see
Sun 3/2/2008 12:29PM
I think i am ready for a Dead tour, just because. I love the fact that bobby, phil, micky, and bill have decided to do there own things, means more dead music for everyone, but a Nice summer tour would be so good. They can just have lead guitarist fill in at lesiure like some warren or kimok or scofield, or Trey, whoever
Sat 11/10/2007 7:37AM
I have been a phan for about 4 years now and i have had nothing but phish in my ears for the last two years of my life. Thats not totally true i love music in general and nothing makes me happier then bieng at a show no matter who it is for the most part, but there is something about there music that just grabs a hold of you, twists your perception of reality with amazing stories,  and makes you come back for more every day. it is in my opinion some of the best, not only jamming, but composition that i have ever heard. i have been touched by there music and pretty much that alone because by the time coventry rolled around i was just finishing up my sophmore year in highschool and was never able to expierence that which is "Live Phish." luckly growing up in this cumputer generation allows me and everyone else surfin' the web to hear all of this music that so many people charished over there 20 years of music they have. my collection in the last year has "expanded exponentialy like some recrusive virus" and i must say it is glorious. i have seen trey on a few occasions once at roseland where he played in 2005 (my first show) and page sat in for some acoustic trey and from that moment my life turned to phish. the member of phish i have yet to see is the man himself... FISH, and i think that this vegas show is a piece of history that i need. in all honesty i dont even know if i can wait to the 6th of december to find out how amazing it really is i might have to pick it up on 11/20 the 9th aniversery of the amazing hampton night. Anyway peace to all and thanks for listening to my nonsence. it feels good to write down these kinds of things to express all this band really means to me and im sure everyone else who has enjoys there music