That Toga Band's Profile

About me:Combining a raw aptitude for composition, a seemingly endless potential for improvisation with an instrumental edge that is impossible to ignore, That Toga Band creates a dynamic ambient sound that seems to come from more than just three members.

An accomplished band that is never predictable, That Toga Band combines jazz, rock and Latin influences together with creative composition, ambient sound and thoughtful improvisation in order to create their own brand of music. Captivating their audience from beginning to end, That Toga Band creates original music that turns heads in a truly new direction.

Member Since:July 11, 2008
Last Login:July 18, 2009
Location:Burlington, VT
Birthday:November 29
Music means to me:The artistic integrity of the members and artists involved with That Toga Band is one of the few basic principles that the music of That Toga Band is structured around. Approaching music from an artistic point of view allows colors and shapes to materialize as fragments of sound, and the creative process becomes much more fun, flexible, and meaningful. A solid musical technique and understanding is a cornerstone for auditory exploration, and once in place, the songs of That Toga Band take on much more meaning and require multiple listens in order to fully appreciate the sonic threads that weave the harmonic sheets together. Each and every song we compose is a sketch, and once that song is preserved via recording or live performance, it becomes a work of art.
Schools:Bachelor of Arts in Geology, Bachelor of Science in Physics, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.
General Interests:1956 Chevy Pickups, three dimensional Taylor expansions, the sound when it rains, white noise, dreamy jazz chords, gunpowder tea, cracked leather, guitars in tune, and all the other bells and whistles that come with being a vector potential.
Oh, you mean musical influences. Well in that case a few names come to mind like Bill Frisell, Miles Davis, The Bad Plus, John Scofield, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Neil Young, Bill Evans, Chick Corea and Return to Forever, John Coltrane, the Temptations, the Cinematic Orchestra, the Afro-Cuban Allstars, Al Green, Al DiMeola, The Beatles, Beck, the Books, Can, Charles Mingus, CavePeople, Sinusodial, Fear of Music, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, Devo, Django Reinhardt, Don Caballero, Don Ross, Kaki King, Leo Kottke, David Grisman, Tony Rice, Ella Fitzgerald, Ernest Ranglin, Four Tet, Frank Zappa, Gal Costa, James Brown, Pat Methany, Jim Hall, Jimi Hendrix and so, so, so many more.
Other Distractions:Tyler George-Minetti- lead guitar, lap steel guitar, loops

Hailing from Newburyport, MA, Tyler George-Minetti carries on the family musical tradition through original compositions combined with creative improvisation. Thoughtfully constructing melodies on the guitar, Tyler flies high above but always knows when to land back firmly on the ground. An avid geologist by day, Tyler has also been in such projects as Fear of Music, Sushi is Squishy, The Critters, and Bojam. Tyler George-Minetti has performed at famous venues such as Nectar's and Higher Ground.

Thomas Pearo- guitarbass, loops, effects

A Vermont born native and natural born poet, Thomas Pearo comfortably coordinates the "behind the scenes" structure that makes That Toga Band possible. Using a unique setup that allows Thomas to play both the bass lines and the accompaning harmonies on an acoustic guitar, Tom strives to project sonic possiblities that are in strict agreement with quantum mechanical observations. Tom has been in such projects as Fatheads, The Critters, Birds Rule, the Barnacles and Clouder.

Anthony Kareckas- drums, percussion, sunglasses

Born and raised in South Berwick, Maine, Andy is unquestionably the heart, laughter and juggling talent behind That Toga Band. A busker on the drum set, Andy skillfully blends afro-cuban, rock and jazz rhythms together to create the colors and textures that make up the music. Andy also has been involved with Funk Taco, Bubblin' Upstream, Fear of Music, Sushi is Squishy, and the Kenny Williams Jr. Band. Andy Kareckas has performed all over the world including a 20+ gig United States tour with Bubblin' Upstream and a three month Eastern European tour with the Kenny Williams Jr. Band.