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About me:Went to University of Alabama, ROLL TIDE, was introduced to the jam scene... not to prevalent in Houston where I grew up... WSP was shown to me and my life has been better ever since.. i guess you can call me a young blood to the jam scene but I'm learning and loving every second of it...oh ya im in the middle of my pic
Member Since:August 9, 2009
Last Login:May 1, 2011
Location:Houston, TX
Birthday:April 26
Music means to me:raw emotion, I believe true music is anything that comes straight from the heart, and that could be anything, from a steel guitar played to a sad country song or all the way to the lyricism of a rap artist(unless it's about his cars, money or hoes)..... its a feeling.... its life... so not so much radio
Schools:University of Alabama,
University of Houston
General Interests:Live Shows, Golf, Beautiful Women


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