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About me:I grew up with a hippy dad and a semi hippy mom, this kept me grounded but with a spirit to fly. I have had ups and downs from both sides of this equation, but feel I have found a good balance of life.
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Location:Rochester, WA
Birthday:September 16
Music means to me:Growing up in the mid 60's, I was introduced at a young age to some great music, Santana, Marley, The Dead, The who, The Beetles, Traffic, Hendrix, and many others. Then In high School I was listening to the staples like Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Ozzy, and the rest of main stream 70's - 80's music. Then in 87 a friend invited me to a dead concert at Laguna Seca, I remember saying " I know this music" and went in head first.

I started collecting recordings of shows and loved the way you could hear the music just as the band played on the night you were there. I started taping my own shows so I can do just that. I have been taping for over 20 years


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