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Member Since:October 20, 2006
Last Login:May 18, 2007
Location:Murphysboro, IL
Music means to me:You know that feeling you get that trancends every molecule of your body culminating on the outer portion of your epdermis, leaving the listener with sublimity and natural unmedicated euphoria. yeah that.
Schools:Eastern Illinois Univ. (soc) bach of science,
Teikyo Univ. Masstricht Netherlands,
Southern Illinois Univ. (edu) Masters of teaching
General Interests: Graph Writing,Changing the dominant social paradigm,smashing capitalism, ultimatley trying to make this world we all reside on just a little bit better.
Other Distractions:Zappa, watching the art(Graph writing) on trains go by and wondering who the artist was and where was it created.


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