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About me:I'm a world traveler (Germany, Carribean, Bahamas, France, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Kuwait, Iraq.. just to name a few), I was in the army, I've been in war, I've seen death, I've practiced medicine, I've saved someones life, I've been shot at, I've been blown up, I've lived in different countries, I've been to over 18 countries, I've gone 72 hrs w/ out sleep, I've gone 30+ hrs w/ out food, I've stole, I've lied, I've been in love, I've owned 4 cars, I'm a street racer, and I've been over 160+ MPH.. I'm Taylor
Member Since:November 18, 2009
Last Login:December 17, 2014
Location:Nashville, TN
Birthday:June 22
Music means to me:music IS magic
General Interests:everything!


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