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About me:Paesano Productions Promotes & Produces superior live entertainment for all ages and genres: Hip-Hop to Bluegrass. Evolving from a pure love for music, Paesano Production's mission is 'Bringing the Music Back 2 the People' and we stick to it. Our goal is to keep a smile on everyone’s face; Bands & Fans alike. By examining the extraordinary musicians and world class venues Paesano Productions represents, you begin to scratch the surface.
Member Since:September 24, 2003
Last Login:April 21, 2014
Location:Sausalito, CA
Birthday:March 26
Music means to me:EVERYTHING! I eat, sleep, & breathe music. Worked my ass off for a business degree just so I could quit the corporate music sales biz to do what I love most:
Schools:Hamilton Southeastern High School, Indiana State University, Indiana University, Sierra Nevada College (Graduate)
General Interests:Coordinating live music events, promoting artists, traveling, groove'n, skiing, kayaking, sailing, hiking, mt. biking
Other Distractions:Simpsons, Family Guy, & LOST


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