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About me:Hmm...Ok Im 23, not born here..yeah thats right Im from California...I know I know...Dude! Radical, Surf's up and all that stuff. Im very relaxed yet hyper all at the same time and I have about 1 million thoughts going through my head at all times so dont wonder too hard on how I can jump from topic to topic. I live with a roommate who makes me laugh constantly and Im sure I do the same to him because we do so much stupid shit during the day that you cant help but laugh at it. Ive got a bunch of incredible friends who put up with everything that I do and then some and one of my really good friends just moved back here from Tulsa so thats really cool too. I love to shoot weapons, go into the outdoors,get dirty and have a great time doing it and Im very fast paced so if your slow you better get off your ass if you want to keep up. I also have a stocked bar so if your into that stuff then there is always another seat open and Cha Chi's Bar and Grill for you.
Member Since:September 3, 2006
Last Login:September 4, 2006
Location:Lafayette, LA
Birthday:July 26
Music means to me:its the soundtrack to my life.
General Interests:let me see here umm guns, guitars, beer, watching nascar, playing NCAA Football on my xbox, loving the Dodgers being #1 in there division, cheering for the Raiders, moving to Oregon, cant wait for that, soon to be living in "the Grove" as it has been labeled, doing the national guard thing and loving it, rocking the gym in the early am hours, doing the whole chef/bartender thing....Im really getting into doing that stuff, working two part time jobs for 40 hours a week sucks, playing with my dog Duey or the "Du", soon to be surfing again, my only frog Gilbert, spanking Josie at cribbage, and then getting smacked down by her too, fishing, rafting down the rogue river, blowing stuff up, watching local bands,and so much more


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