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About me:hey all, i'm kate. i pretty much live for music, especially live music. i love going to shows and festivals. i've met a lot of great friends through music and can't wait to meet more. i've also been able to travel and see a lot more of the world than i probably would have if it wasn't for music. i'm in school for environmental science. i hope to work for a non-profit one day. namaste.
Member Since:September 5, 2009
Last Login:September 25, 2009
Location:Matawan, NJ
Birthday:December 24
Music means to me:everything, joy, freedom, happiness, sadness, intelligence, memories, the future, love, friendship, inspiration,comfort, bliss, peace, life.
General Interests:the environment, non profits, festivals, camping, volunteering, meeting new people.
Other Distractions:;)


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