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About me:Well....I love Ashley (my fiance) and apple pie a lot!! We really enjoy traveling and seeing new places!! Especially if music is involved (or phamily). My baby works a lot and I work a lot and music, (along w/ other things like love and stuff), brings us together!! First concert was Little Feet in '94 @ Deer Creek, my mom took my bros. and me and it was a blast (i was 'bout 8 ur 9)!! Seen Phil Lesh and Friends ,and this band called The String Cheese Incident, in '00 (I believe) for the first time and havn't been the same since!! Then I met Ashley at Trey in '01and have been in love ever since!! Even though we didn't get together 'til June 23, '07! (way too long!!!) That's another story though. I work @ a silk screen printing place in Muncie, Indiana called Dark Star!! Oh yeah...after the Grateful Dead song!! And Ashley works at a bakery / deli!!! Damn I LOVE that woman!!!!
Member Since:December 20, 2008
Last Login:April 4, 2010
Location:Yorktown, IN
Birthday:November 1
Music means to me:Serenity Now....ur uh.......chaos, disorder, anything and everything. Music is just phuckin' great!!!!! .
Schools:The University of L.I.V.I.N. , Livin'
General Interests:Well,.....before I got lazy it was things like hacky sack, camping, frisbee,hiking, football, ridin' bikes ,canoeing, whatever. Now as of late it's been working, beer, and just sittin' on my ass!!! It's fun, you should try it sometime!!!! I do still like to do those other things though. Just not as often. Im just gettin' too lazy some would say!!!


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