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About me:Music, Family, Fishing, NOT PHISHING, Writing, then back to more music, music, and more music. I get it, I see it, I feel it, I need it. Then back yet to a lil more writing. If I'm not learnin my kids or enjoying my family.
Member Since:April 30, 2012
Last Login:July 29, 2015
Location:Scranton, PA
Birthday:January 1
Music means to me:Life! I carry a dark traveler, demon if you must. He wants nothing but the ruin of all I have worked so hard for. Plus, being a junkie is the hardest damn job in the world. Somehow music fills the void. It keeps the demon sleeping. In the music I am able to where wisdom meets knowledge. Sometimes I can bring some of that back. It takes me places others would never understand nor comprehend. Places the scientist are looking for, Places where children s dreams are made. With music it makes other things bearable, even comprehensible.
Schools:University of Hark Knocks (Doctorate)
General Interests:In everything John Lennon was thinking when he wrote IMAGINE
Other Distractions:My Dog, How could I forget him? Not that he's a distraction, just the opposite. He teaches me soooo much. Imagine if Humans acted like dogs, or my dog at least.


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