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About me:Superfrog continues to reveal the essence of jam within a framework of ROCK.

This feat has been causing people all over the Northeast to jump out of their seats and into the air many times over. Their high powered live show is always an intense experience where the only thing shaking harder than the stage is the floor under the fans.


If you want action. If you want to gyrate. If you want to nod your head to a funky beat, slam to a killer solo or stomp to a rippin' bassline..

Failing to experience this live show when it hits your area will be a grave error. These five madcap fortune-hunters are destined for bigger and better, so see them now, have a beer with them after the show, and tell your friends all about it...
Member Since:January 23, 2008
Last Login:November 5, 2012
Location:Portsmouth, NH
Birthday:July 20
Music means to
Schools:North Eastern State University College of Funky Jams.
General Interests:Superfrog blends pop, funk, jam and progressive rock in this addictive, head-bobbing collection... The overall tone and presentation of “The Year of the Frog” result in a likable, energetic package with lots of fun attractions."
--J. EVAN WADE, HomeGrown Music Network

"From the get-go 'Year of the Frog' is rife with bouncy, funky rhythms that stand up with the best of the nation's many aspiring jam bands."
Other Distractions:"The name may sound like the next action movie based on a comic book hero but Superfrog is actually a local band making waves in the music scene... Let's see if their Web site has any superpowers... Right away I was impressed with the photos on the site... The design is not bad... The site is really packed with some great content... Just when you think you've seen it all, go to the archive page and check out tons more pictures and videos."
--JOHN SHORE, Portsmouth Herald

"Passion, intensity, drive, focus, humor, family, late night water-slides and a brotherly love and deeply heartfelt respect for our little green hopping swamp friends. This is what comes to mind when I think about the wild musical circus world that is Superfrog. It was a joy and inspiration to help bring this music to life in our months of pre-production and in Rhode Island with Floyd. If the Earth is ever violently attacked by a sea of green I am now prepared with a definitive "no use plan" and a proper soundtrack in hand."
--AARON KATZ, Producer


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Thursday, 15 May 2008