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About me:Im a laid back guy who loves being around people, and music. Music makes every situation in my life an experience.. I love hanging out with people who I can act crazy around, and them not judge my craziness.. The Beach and the Water completes me, especially when my feet are in the sand, and the suns going down.. If your a people person than we will get along great, because I love the presence of an energetic person.

"Live, Learn, and Make Shit Happen" By:Me
Member Since:March 11, 2007
Last Login:March 29, 2011
Location:Ocean Springs, MS
Music means to me:What Music means... Can't be put into words, or explained. It is something that the listener grows with, and can take with them where ever he/or she goes, and no one can take it from them.
Schools:Ocean Springs High School, MGCCC
General Interests:Life, Music, Jam Bands, Learning new Things, Meeting new People, Playing Guitar, Seeing Concerts, Drinking, Laying in the Sand, Skim Boarding, Cruising down the beach with a Blunt, Sports, Girls (and Everything about girls), Competitive Drinking, Dancing to DMB, Wearing as little clothing as possible, Dane Cook, A Good Movie, Eating Sushi, Crawfish, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Hot Tubs, Tattoos, Being Myself, Fishing, Funk, Jazz, Kegs, Watching the Sun Rise, Raving, and Flip Flops... I Really love Art (Poetry, Pottery, Paintings, Drawings, Tattoos, Lyrics, Glass Blowing, Carving, Welding, and Ceramics.)
Other Distractions:Drinking, Partying, Smoking that Good, Work, Dave Matthews Band DVD's, Ben Harper DVD's, Incubus DVD's, "I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell" By:Tucker Max, "Scar Tissue" By:Anthony Kiedis, and Getting Tattoos...


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