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About me:umm.... I love to have fun. I'm goofy. I can be weird at times- but its entertaining. I love art, music and nature. I want to see the world. All of it. I want to experience everything this world has to offer me. I want to live my life to the fullest. When i say 'no regrets' i mean it. Learn from the past, dont dwell on it.

I dont know many people in my area who are into 'my music' so its great to network and meet people at shows! always up for some new friends!!

Member Since:September 14, 2005
Last Login:March 11, 2009
Location:Bridgewater, NJ
Birthday:October 12
Music means to me:EVERYTHING
Schools:BRHS, RVCC
General Interests:music, crafting, art, hiking, camping..
Other Distractions:mostly movies and books... but when i do watch TV its mostly comedy central, national geographic, discovery/travel channels, simpsons, family guy, scrubs or that 70s show (repeats now :( )


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