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About me:I Love the Greatful Dead and Pink Floyd, and I love tour! I have two young boys now so I look for "Family Friendly" events. The mother of my children and I are both 28 years old and our children are 9 mos. and 5 years, both boys. My Family and I love a good festival, good music, and good vibes!
Member Since:October 24, 2007
Last Login:November 5, 2007
Location:Hollansburg, OH
Birthday:June 30
Music means to me:A place that I can go and find myself when the music's just right I seem to go away to a place that's lighter than the place where most people spend most of their time! Go on tour America, and feel the way life should be!

" I wish I was a headlight on a north bound train!"
Schools:Mostly West Coast, Drum Circles, Hitchhiking, Phil tour, String Cheese, etc. and a bit of Rainbow Gatherings. Attended from 1997 to the present. I've got a doctorate in SWINGology, as well as a bachelors in Psychedelic Entrepreneurialism!
General Interests:Camping Hiking Gardening Travel playing various hand drums and percussion instruments, and skateboarding!
Other Distractions:Two magical sons, and their mother, who keep me "distracted" as much as possible! Also my own brain which varies from uncooperative to kamakaze!


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