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About me:ya know, i'm in college, working part-time at a pizza place, not gonna be able to move out for another year (summer/fall 2007). i live in the nicer suburbs between ann arbor and detroit MI, and if anyone worthwhile (to me) is coming to either town, i'll be there. i like to make the hikes to cleveland, chicago, and parts of indiana for some select bands (disco biscuits, brothers past, sts 9, umphrey's, lotus, etc) when i have the money. i'm down for a lotta fests on the east and the midwest and shit. guess i might be a custy to some cuz i'll still goto bonnaroo if i like the line up, and most other fests i goto are bigger (all good, waka, nugroove, camp bisco, etc) but i like what i like.

i really like that the whole hippie jam band thing is still happening, and that it also has such great diversity in the scene, but i really dislike how many people don't really hold the values anymore. if i disagree with you about something, i still respect yer opinion and won't hate on you. fuck people stealing shit at fests/shows, or selling bunk drugs to make money. that kinda stuff really makes me disappointed.
Member Since:June 5, 2006
Last Login:July 23, 2010
Location:Canton, MI
Birthday:April 12
Music means to me:something that makes me wanna move, or moves me mentally/emotionally, or both. something that brings people together. something that isn't to be taken lightly. i respect all my friends who listen to music that is simple, and they only like it becuz it is popular, or becuz it isn't popular yet and they wanna say they liked it first, it's entertainment and not all people take it as seriously, but i really think that there is too much good music right now to even have time for music that is even mediocre.

i live for music. all my money goes to going to shows or cds or gas to go see bands, etc. i'm sure a lotta people on this site are the same way so i won't go into too many more details.
Schools:canton high school, schoolcraft college, college of creative studies.
General Interests:Flaming lips, mars volta, grateful dead, STS 9, disco biscuits, brothers past, umphrey's mcgee, earlier SCI (before they started trying to do trance), phish, brian eno, david bowie, smashing pumpkins (all billy corgan projects), beatles, aphex twin, chemical brothers, younger brother, lotus, infradig, air, portishead, primus (all les projects), frank zappa, wu-tang clan, ween, tortoise, squarepusher, rjd2, spiritualized, king crimson, radiohead, MMJ, MMW, pink floyd, dj krush, saul williams, RHCP, deftones, team sleep, wilco, adult swim, mr show, mystery science theater 3000, books, shows, festivals, trips, etc
Other Distractions:ya know.


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