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About me:Steve Barnes debut album Newspaper Ads is a refreshing movement toward what we all want singer/songwriters to be. From the low-fi feel to the flashback affect of his album title, evoking the image of newspapers, a now dyeing art, we think of a time when music was not about one-hit-wonder pop sensations or commercial appeal. Newspaper Ads is a throw back to a classic 90s singer songwriting-style, putting Steve Barnes into a category where the likes of Shannon Hoon and Jeff Buckley have already been. The simple sounds and classic feel of this alt-rock album are both poignant and refreshing. Steve Barnes gives us storytelling through classic rock sounds and these stories consist of a realized isolation, painting pictures of time, the drifting and waiting of our generation. His lyrics are perfectly prosaic and his simple harmonies work. Tracks like “Snowstorm” and “Roots” offer heated electric guitar solos while a track like “Alone In My Head” offers smooth melodies and definable lyrics. This album flows from one song to the next uninterrupted and creates the soundtrack of a modern man and his guitar, offering blues to country, while referencing some of the greats who have come before him such as Ryan Adams and Iggy Pop. Newspaper Ads makes you remember when things were simple, where life is a long trip and solitude not tormenting. You find yourself swept away to dusty roads and big skies, where life is spread out before you in all its charm, and beauty and desperation. The honesty and stability and soul that come from Steve Barnes Newspaper Ads can only be the product of a fresh Chicago alt-rocker, new to the scene and ready to make his mark.
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Music means to me:Steve Barnes new debut album "Newspaper Ads," hits the heart and sends it home. With his raw emotion and true feeling. Steve Barnes seems express his love for playing guitar and writing lyrics straight from the soul. His music offers up some great acoustic, rock, roots music.


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