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About me:Live music is my life!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no better feeling in the world than grooving to a good beat. I have been a big fan of the festival/ lot scene for about ten years now; and I am happy to say that this is where I feel most at home. Look for me at any north east festival/ show (also phish lots)- I am the girl seling bloody mary's from a wagon =)
Member Since:January 6, 2009
Last Login:June 2, 2010
Location:Buffalo, NY
Birthday:February 25
Music means to is what makes me feel the most free!!! If it wan't for all the young touring days, I would never be who I am today! I love feeling absorbed by the music and scene around me, that feeling you get from getting down at a show is surreal : )
Schools:UB, Medaille College
General Interests:Music,music, music, festivals, small intricate shows, lot scene, big shows, dancing my ass off, dirty beats, jamgrass, tour friends--->all my kidz, phish pham, gd fam, ledges family (CARL!!!) underground parties, DRUM and BASS, campfire jams, drum circles, being an intrical part of every festie (aka wagon vending!!!!), wompfest, hiking, camping, picking wild edibles, cooking over a fire, fluff- for those who know what i mean!!!, raging in ruff buff and all surrounding areas (SOUNDLAB, NIETZCHES, MOHAWK, TOWN BALLROOM), crazy late nights with my friends, random ipod rants(buff celebrity), traveling, lots of beer, but mainly LIVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other Distractions:SKUNK TAIL GLASS (check it out- friends shop in Buffalo, NY)--------> look for us vending 2010 Can't Wait =)
Snowboarding, Hiking, Exporing unknown places, yoga, GOOD VIBES, lot family, papa bear festivities, ADHD consumes me at times!!!, MMMMMMUUUUUUSSSSSIIIIIIIIICCCCCCC


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