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About me:I am a father and music lover. I love arts of all kinds. I have a band Called Soul Rhythms. It is a Acoustic/Hip Hop/Folk Rock group. We play meaning full music of social, political, and emotional conciousness. I live in the Coachella Valley in SoCal. Always looking for cool people who know where the shows/drumcircles/peaceful parties are at. Oh yeah, im a terrible speller

:)Sunshine and Smiles(:
Member Since:December 21, 2006
Last Login:January 12, 2007
Location:Desert Hot Springs, CA
Birthday:February 20
Music means to me:Music is like a forieng language, with multiple dialects. some dialects are simular. We people who speak music have an ability to communicate with each other. I wish i remembered the names of the people who said this but here:

"How can an art change the world?"
"Well, i feel, it is the only thing that can!"
Schools:Palm Springs High School, Baltimore School of massage york campus
General Interests:Music/Art, my two beautiful daughters Eden and Gaia, creating(Clothes, music, movies/shorts, ect) healing and helping healing in any way i can.
Other Distractions:Carlos Castaneda Books, Shel Silverstien Books, Dali Artwork, Alex Grey Artwork, Dr. Suess Paintings, Charley Kaufman Films, Documentaries, House(only tv show i watch)