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About me:I'm a fairly quiet, stand-offish sort of person that loves music. I go to shows for the music, more than the community, but I'm learning to appreciate both.
Member Since:September 23, 2008
Last Login:December 22, 2009
Location:Champaign, IL
Birthday:August 27
Music means to me:"If it's got a funky beat, I can bug out to it."
A good show can be a great time shared with friends, but a great show can be a spiritual journey. If it's done right, It takes me to another plane of existence, and re-charges my soul.
Schools:B.S. (and some BS), life lessons.
General Interests:Things n Stuff.

So, do you like... Stuff?
Other Distractions:Puffy clouds, pets, poker, pool, and poking fun at others.


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