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A must have collection of early proto/beach cities garage punk by SOCIAL TASK featuring previously unreleased teenage rebellion songs like ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Self Inflicted” combined with the politically charged song ‘Bomb Iran’ and many more hits from this beach city punk outfit. Unleash the fury of China White lead vocalists Scott Sisunik and guitarists Don Snell, Mega and the original Pennywise drummer Hank Jacobson on this collection of songs recorded at the Pennywise Stall No.#2 studio in Redondo Beach, Ca.

Listen to the steady introduction of ‘Public Reaction’ and soon you’ll get the idea of what began as a simple high school garage band, turned furious street punks at large. Enjoy the encore melodic sounds of ‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Full Circle’ and tap into the garage beat sounds of Huntington Beach punk rock at it’s finest. May, 2009

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