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I am one Eclectic Eccentric Social Sound System with a healthy frustration with the world around me. I am a pragmatic-idealist who refuses to accept that simply because it is the ideal that it is unattainable... That there are always steps, we just gotta find the right ones even if they conflict with our own self interest. To achieve the impossible, "it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought." I want to change the way people think about music. If music is a measure of cultural identity, then I am for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that keeps music moving forward. Technology and social media are pushing music beyond the reach of corporate dollars by placing it back in the hands of the fan. Music isn't a business... IT'S AN INALIENABLE RIGHT. And remember kids, the RIAA is not your friend.
Member Since:January 19, 2011
Last Login:December 20, 2011
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Birthday:February 7
Music means to me:Music and technology always made sense to me but it wasn't until I was laid off in 2008 did the two begin to make cents to me. What began as a means of passing the time lost in the unemployment doldrums eventually developed into SocialSoundSystem, LLC. As a college graduate and someone who had always worked his whole life, losing my job really changed my outlook on life. I began to simplify my life and focus on the two things that were always there for me: music and computers. This entailed: moving back home with my father; forming a band and self-releasing an album; getting rid of my car in favor of bicycles, trains, buses, and other forms of mass transit; basically living out of a backpack traveling up and down California... This and much more all in the name of "music." Channeling all my energies into social media, technology, and music eventually developed into a full time "hobby" and my own company. Today I am now working with artist management companies, record labels, and several independent nationally/internationally touring acts. Over the past 2 years I have been actively engaged in new media, online marketing, community management, business development, tech networking, and generally enjoying being a geek in the music industry.
Schools:UC Santa Barbara
General Interests:Bicycles, Sharks, and Science


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