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About me:I have been recording live music since 1979...
Following the Dead around thru the early 90's...
Also have many friends who are musicians who I have had the privledge of documenting their shows for them....
It seems that documenting live music is one of my sacred duties in life...
It is so strange being 45 & not feel like it or even look like it. I feel timeless. For some reason everyone I know who is around this age is old, stessed out, because they have 2.3 kids, car/house/college/insurance payments to make & I have none. I am not saying it is a bad thing but it was not my path in life. I have made it my life's quest to create a world I can live in & not contribute to a corrupted system that only enslaves those that try & participate in it. Even with all the best intentions to try & change the system, you can never change something that is as corrupted as badly as the current one. Unless you are on the top of the food chain the scenery never changes. The only real option is to start a new way of living & being outside of the Matrix. SO...I'm a Tantric Hippie Techno Shaman, who is looking for others or someone interested in learning. I am kind, compassionate, passionate, aware & very sensitive to energy. Into Shamanism & Tantric Dancing, Healing Arts, Computers, Recording Live Music & documenting life as it is happening for later recall & sharing with others. I have 1000's of hours worth of my life's experiences of music & other events on audio & video. I use to roadie & do sound for various friends bands, most recently in the 90's for musicians, Doug MacLeod-Blues Guru, The Levitations, Rooster Ra, Oscar James, Liquid Warrior, Rachel Sedacca who I met here on Myspace & most recently started recording Miracle Train, Named by Strangers & Sarah Blacker. I Love being outdoors with nature & animals & inter-spieces communication. I like to travel to new places & hang out for a while to see what it's about & get a feel for the energy of the place & it's people. I have half chinese & half scotish ancestry & have been exploring the dimensions of those cultures & how they have conditioned my outlook on life. I recently spent a year travelling first to Hong Kong to visit relatives & then to the mainland to see my Ancestral Village (Nog Bo) near Shunde, then landed back in the states in Hawaii where I spent the next 11 months house sitting for folks & hanging out being a monk in an ashram of one & dancing to the local reggae band Big Island Groove & taught a few Tantra classes. Right now I am living in Stowe, VT with my aging parents who need someone to watch over them. I have been in a few relationships in the past that have obviously not worked out for one reason or another, but I am one to be willing to do whatever it takes to make one work & am truely commited to making the relationship the priority & my devotion is eternal. I'm not afraid of my shadow or anyone else's as long as they are aware of it & willing to own it. I am also not afraid to take the leap into the unknown for the adventure of it, which includes being willing to go anywhere on earth if life leads me there. I am a Leo with Pisces rising & Libra moon.
Member Since:February 23, 2006
Last Login:July 15, 2011
Location:Stowe, VT
Birthday:July 28
Music means to me:If it's worth listening to it is worth recording....& Listening to again!!!!!
Schools:Firmount Elementary, West Genesee Junior & Senior High Schools, University of Miami-FL, Syracuse Univeristy, Onondaga Community College, Cal State Long Beach, National Radio Institute, Caring Hands School of Massage, Tantrika International.
General Interests:Tantra Yoga, Shamanism, Spirituality, Healing Arts, Personal Growth, Live Music, Travel, Nature, Computers, Documenting life with Audio/Video/Photos etc.
Other Distractions:Reading Spiritual Novels & Books, Watching old Star Trek, X-Files Reruns, Haning out in Nature.


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