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About me:Growing up in the 1950s in Kansas I always wondered why I didn't like White music. Being raised in a Christian (veyr good) home that attended an Assemblys of God church it was mainly a Southern (white) Gospel dominated musically. I school I was schooled in Classical Music (still love) but always had a rebellious stread and wanted to go to a Black church due to the music. One was located a block away but I was not permitted because of "What would other folks say"?
I ended up playing in an R&B band for the next several years. I ended up marrying a girl that felt the same way. Fast Forward a few hundred years (the late 1960's till 2007. An Aunt of mine Dad's sister informed me that my 3rd Great-Grandmother was Black. It dawned on me why my wife and I are now involved in the music department in a predominately Black church. My wife is a keyboardist and I am a drummer/percussionist. I play percussion in a local R & B Jazz flavored band "Don B. & Friends here in Wichita, Kansas. Kansas is loaded with top notch Blues & Jazz players as well as folks that love this musical venue. The Wichita Blues Society has been rated as the Best in the US for several years by the blues industry. As I have suggested my wife & I are Christians and fairly vocal about it. Some non music loveing Christaians might look kinda' weired at us but we have been an integrinal part of the music sceen in the local area Night Clubs. Christ did ask the religous leaders of his time, "Do the folks that are well need a doctor"? No! He hung out with sinners and excepts those of us who are called Him to go into the Night Clubs and Bars to make friends and tell them about Christ's Love for ALL mankind and that He died for their (& our) sins. We don't want to close these (supposedly) dens of evil but to bring Christ's presence to all of the people so they can decide for themselves. It can get complicated but we feel we need to do it, so we do. We have made many friends and wil continue as long as we live.
Member Since:April 14, 2007
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Location:Wichita, KS
Birthday:July 25
Music means to me:Music is Life to me. If I were to go deaf today it wouldn't kill me but it would be a big blow. My mother was a Church singer and was always singing. She was always singing on the radio (1950's) in a femail Trio so I guess that's where I got my musical roots. My dad had also been a good singer in his early years but somethin' went bad with his ears cause he wasn't very as good as I remember. He always had music on his car radio though. Meeting my wife and finding out that we were a perfect match could have only been arranged by God. We started playing in bands in high school in 1968 and have been involved in music and bands ever since. Both of our daughters are very good musicians and dancers. Guess it rubbs off. Our youngest daughter can smoke me any day on the drums.
Schools:Friends University Wichita KS, Coleman College San Diego CA, Community College of the USAF.
General Interests:Music, Hot Rods NHRA F1, Scooters (Hogs & Big Dog Hogs), Sports ie Football Hoops Base Ball Track & Female Persian Mud Toe wrestling, History, photogaraphy, computers.
Other Distractions:My wife and I are "Law and Order" & History Channel Junkies, Reading,


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