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About me:My name is Amanda, I go to Umass Amherst, and I’m an English major focusing on creative writing and poetry. Some of my favorite things include; music, especially live music, drawing and doodling, writing, reading, getting “back in the mix”, experimenting, psychedelics, and art.

If I had to choose, I would say that my all-time favorite bands would be; The Doors, The Disco Biscuits, Pink Floyd, and The Olivia Tremor Control
Member Since:September 22, 2008
Last Login:April 13, 2010
Location:Amherst, MA
Birthday:September 5
Music means to me:it's probably the most important thing in my life.
Schools:UMass Amherst
General Interests:haggling and getting bed-level
Other Distractions:Attempting to start writing a book.

that, and raging shows with my Umass-showgoing family, as well as my Biscuits family. I absolutley love them both.


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