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About me:my name's madison, i'm real tall (5'9), i have creepy green eyes with an orange ring around my pupil, and really really blonde hair. i'm really outgoing and sometimes i come off as a freak. i'm real laid back and my favorite activity would be none. but i play lacrosse so i got to be active.
Member Since:October 2, 2006
Last Login:October 14, 2006
Location:Marietta, GA
Birthday:July 29
Music means to me:"you can always pick up your needle and move to another groove." : timothy leary
"i'm shopping around for something that no one will like." : jerry
"if you take life seriously you must turn on, tune in and drop out." : timothy leary
General Interests:i drink more than most people should but bud light is good for the heart (or so i hear). i love whitewater kayaking on the ocoee and the chatooga. i love frisbee, autumn, golden retrievers, beer, hiking, playing in the river and going to shows. my favorite place in the world is asheville north carolina during the fall. i really hate people who try to dress like a "hippie". it freaks me out. but i have a really weird attraction to guys with long hair and/or dreads.
Other Distractions:books: the dharma bums (jack kerouac), the electric kool-aid acid test (tom wolfe), searching for the sound (phil lesh), catcher in the rye, on the road (jack kerouac)


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