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About me:I am a thirty-eight year old singer/songwriter born and raised in Connecticut. I currently reside in the New Haven area (although I really want to move to New York City). I’ve been playing music, in one form or another, since I was 5 years old. I got my start playing music in front of audiences when I was in the elementary school chorus. Rock & roll got a hold of me in my teen years, and I performed my first “rock & roll band” show at one of those old moose/elk/“insert animal type” halls when I was 14.

I describe my music as singer-songwriter/Americana/alt-country/folk/rock. That’s a lot of sub genres, but probably the best way to characterize it. My earliest influences were Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Kenny Rogers. My dad used to spin their records for me when I was a kid. Though I (and my parents) endured my hair-metal, progressive-rock, and grunge phases, I find the music I write now to be the most heartfelt. My biggest influence is Counting Crows (much more than a “90’s band”), with Led Zeppelin coming in at a close second place. In recent years I’ve come to nearly deify The Beatles and Son Volt. I’ve never had the success of my heroes, but I still make music because I love to.
Member Since:February 4, 2008
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Location:New Haven, CT
Birthday:January 2
Music means to me:Music means everything to me. My whole life revolves around it. Every decision I make... from my education and any day-jobs I take, to time I spend with friends, all is subject to what I do with my life musically. I've sacrificed a lot over the years to play rock & roll. I may not have the nice house & car, but I'm happier than most that have those things.
General Interests:Girls, snowboarding, mountain biking, wine, beer, tea, coffee, concerts, art, hiking, beaches, traveling, technology, doggies, ending homelessness, ending hunger, increasing voter turnou.
Other Distractions:Watching time.


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