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About me:What's Gwon? What's Gwon, this is Eric, account executive at JazzTimes magazine by day, and a keyboard player for the Funk/Electronic/Disco Beat/Jazz Fusion jamband SEGWAY by night. Did you ever wonder how great music gets started? How amazing musicians come together to create incredible sounds from wood, metal, and plastic? And how they come to better themselves, and each other just through the experience of playing together? Come check us out at, or for upcoming show dates, music, or just to say what's up.
Member Since:April 16, 2007
Last Login:November 25, 2012
Location:Towson, MD
Birthday:May 11
Music means to me:Phew... tough one... I'd say music to me is a universal language. A form of communication with no barrier and no dialect... just a flowing form that speaks to us all.
Schools:Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield MA, Goucher College, Towson MD
General Interests:Music, Shows, Playing Music, Seeing Music, Hiking, Camping, Hanging out with my buds
Other Distractions:Did I mention I love music?


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