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About me:Scot's Scot's story is an interesting one, a renegade classically trained violinist who started playing music at the age of three, Scot swapped Tchaikovsky, for Hendrix and never looked back. The story of his musical journey begins in the industrial city of Gary, Indiana. Famous for its murder rate, The Music Man play and home to the late, Michael Jackson. It was here that Scot began playing music at the age of three, strumming a mandolin to a Nana Misouri record. Soon thereafter, he began taking violin lessons with the late, Florence Linden, first chair violinist for the Northwest Indiana Symphony who performed with the likes of, Jascha Heifetz and Itzhak Perlman. Scot was her prodigal student and was competing in high school competitions while still in grade school.

With a strong background in classical music, Scot took up guitar at the age of sixteen to expand and explore musical styles of all sorts. It was also the year he had a serious car accident in which his left hand was confronted with amputation after it was crushed between the steering wheel and roof of the car he was driving. It took eight hours of microsurgery and over three months of continuous practice before he was able to position his hand across the fret board and hold a note with any strength. He began to practice along with great guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, Dickie Betts, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Carlos Santana. Playing along with these visionary guitarists rebuilt his strength and helped him develop his improvisational skills that led to his powerful and unique sound.

Scot began his professional musical career-playing guitar in a Gospel funk band in Gary, Indiana. It was here that he cut his teeth with black musicians, learning to play rhythm guitar, blues, funk and jazz. He then moved to Denver, Colorado and began playing with "Bad Habbit", an eight-piece multi-cultural world, funk and soul band. It was during this period that Scot began to do studio session work and sharpen his song writing skills. He parlayed his classical and jazz chops into a jazz-fusion demo he produced in Boulder, Colorado, featuring Denver’s legendary jazz pianist, Rob Mullins. Rob introduced him to record label producer, Jim Snowden in Los Angeles, who managed Herb Albert, Lee Ritneur, The Rippingtons and many other prominent jazz fusion musicians. Scot fell in love with California after visiting Jim in LA and packed up his bags and family and set up digs in Northern California to hone his writing skills.

As a consummate explorer of musical styles, Scot delved into alternate guitar tunings after an epiphany at Goat Rock Beach in Jenner, California. “I had a dream in which I heard a very unique and unusual song. When I awoke, I picked up my guitar and began to tune it to the sound in my dream. The result was a unique, one of a kind obscure tuning outside standard temperament. (D# A# D G G D) I call this new guitar tuning, "altered". It is a new style of music that engages the curiosity of the listener's ear by way of this unique tuning, which helps draw attention to the lyrics in the song”, Sier exclaims. Many of the songs on my, "Heads or Tales" album will feature this new sound and we are excited to share it with music fans across the world.

All the songs on this album are a culmination of Sier's musical journey’s and travels across America. They are a mix of styles and alternate guitar tunings, that tell the story of a wandering minstrel in search of a new life out West. The basic tracks were recorded at John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone Studios in the Mission district of San Francisco, California over a three day period.

The songs cover a wide array of musical genres and are mashed together to create new and interesting sounds according to Scot. “For example, I'll blend old school funk and rap with gospel and old timey' revival. I'll mix metal, Gypsy and cabaret and set it to exotic time signatures. Many of the pop rock tracks are orchestrated with strings, timpani and horns, influenced by my early classical training on violin", Sier explains.

There is something for everyone on this album and we hope that you give it a listen when it comes out the fall of 2011.

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Fri 9/3/2010 10:06AM Travel with "The Dunes" to north Africa and dance to the mystery of ancient storytelling, set to the rhythm of the tribal soul. Grab your ticket and depart to the melting pot of America with the, "Scot Sier Experience", a journey rich as the soil of our land. From there, head west to the Barbary coast with, "Pocket Full Of Rye", where, "Eliza Rickman" provides a minimalist landscape of intrigue and allure. This is a musical night you won't forget and the perfect way to celebrate the start of your labor day weekend, brought to you by Fivepoints Arthouse, an intimate art community space supporting the bohemian artistry of San Francisco and our underground roots scene