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How Phish 96' Made Me Feel Good About Hood
Mon 11/12/2007 2:58PM
    I was so excited when I saw the perfect opportunity to tell my story about how I was introduced to Phish and that it synched in perfectly with the theme for the '96 Vegas tour package.  Although I'm only 22 and was far too young to be a participant in the epic '96 tour.  I have listened to shows from that '96 winter run ever since I was first introduced to Phish by my camp counselor, Dominic Siciliano, when I was 14.  It was rest hour and Dom was asleep so I decided to turn the Grateful Dead show that he had playing off and put one of my favortie selections at the time on, which happened to be Dave Matthews Band Live at Red Rocks.  About two minutes after the music changed Dom woke up and came outside.  I told him that we wanted to listen to some "real music," as I was a naive 14-year-old at the time.  He then didn't say a word, went back into the bunk and came out with Phish Vegas 12/6/96 and put on the Weekapaug.  Within moments, Mike's bass opening changed my perceptions of what music was at the time.  I just started dancing all over the porch deck and proceeded to basically continue dancing to Phish for the rest of the summer, constantly trading in CDs from Dom's CD collection.  A two later I was finally able to go to my first show, the return from haitus at the Garden.  And, although that show, musically, is not one of my favorite shows out of the 35 I caught while the boys were back, it did start me out on my Phish tour for the next two and a half years.  And, when I look back at it, Dom could have played any song for me to introduce me to Phish, but he chose the Weekapaug from Vegas 96.  And to this day it is still my favorite Weekapaug of any Groove.