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About me:NW Ohio live music junky. Came up through the loving arms of crazy cats we call scwilly. Generously referred to as the "Captain Scwilly". Love music, love people, love people who love music.
Now living in Nederland CO for last two years. Amazing music scene. No longer the scwill master but still the music devotee. LUV CO! STILL LUV OH!
Also, love my girl Aly and my dog Hank. Nice little family!
Member Since:March 5, 2007
Last Login:January 8, 2014
Location:Columbus, OH
Birthday:May 28
Music means to me:Live music is my means to make it through each day/work week. "I work kinda hard so i can play real hard!"
Schools:Bowling Green State University 2000-present
General Interests:Music, travel, being outside, smiles
Currently training to hike AT
Other Distractions:Have been known to say the TV is my best friend becuz it only talks back when i want it to. Love movies as well.


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