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Music means to me:music makes my world go 'round.
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General Interests:photography, wildlife, dreadlocks, camping, nature, hiking, and travel.


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Sun 3/23/2008 11:48AM
Wanee will be the trip of a life time this year, with so many talented bands/ artists, who could ask for more?   not to mention the great people you meet at wanee, for example wanee 07', sitting by the new neighbors campfire jam'n all night long jokin n' tokin' like we've known eachother for years. Wanee is my oasis and I believe it will always remain that way.  This year im excited to make flame cooked portobello burgers for all my friends, i'll be lucky if they save me any lol, well its time to continue packing.
Peace, Love, and Flyin' Doves

-Sarah Firefly-