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About me:I live just outside Providence, RI. Graduated college last year and am beginning my career as an architectural design representative. Sounds fancy, huh? lol. College was grate to me and opened me up to all sorts of weird music and experiences. I started playing guitar about two years ago and mess around on banjo a bit. Looking to meet other like-minded folks in the community and maybe seeing some local music with them.
Member Since:December 22, 2010
Last Login:June 30, 2011
Location:Bellingham, MA
Birthday:November 21
Music means to me:Freedom from time and space
Schools:Western New England College
General Interests:Being unique, expressing myself, skateboarding, nature, psychotherapy, guitar, staying healthy, being active, hiking, meta-cognitive thinking, white water rafting, camping, dancing, playing music, thinking, transcendence through music, rhythmic healing, drum circles, weight training, connecting with people, turning people on, drinking craft beer and finding that certain someone that I can share my level of passion with
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New Years Eve
Thu 12/23/2010 10:07AM
Spending NYE with friends at moe. in Boston.  Can't wait to get my groove on.