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About me:You can usually find me dancing barefoot on the grass to some form of live music.
I like to have fun because life is short, i love to do YOGA, it keeps me balanced.
I like to spend time with people that make me laugh and smile...
I feel bad when people say the classic
"Hey i have seen you at _____ show" line and i have no clue who they are, but it's fine, we all cross paths sometime, and after the third time, i might remember why not say hello.
Member Since:August 25, 2005
Last Login:November 21, 2012
Location:New York, NY
Birthday:May 8
Music means to me:my life's soundtrack
General Interests:I look forward to to doing my part to improve the world for the better... In addition to chilling hard, i also am amused by LIVE MUSIC, FESTIVALS The news,Planting, bon-Fires, Oceans, Lakes , Rain forests, Exploring,Road trips,Trips in General, Traveling, Peace, Photography, Freedom, Camping, shows/live music, skiing in the winter and surfing in the summer
enjoy life


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