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About me:Hi my name is Sam some call me Sam some call me Sam Sam The Terkel Man and some call me Terkey Sub and once upon a time I was riding my bicycle down the street when I came to a corner and made a left turn then went straight then made a right then saw a pirate named Chamblo and he taught me how to play the banjo and then me and Chamblo went and got hamburgers or hamberguesas (en espanol) and then I got a Sprite while Chamblo got a Dr Pepper or Dr Pep as I like to call it and then I went home and Chamblo went back onto his pirate ship and said "YARRHGGG MATIES" and I said ok
Member Since:October 9, 2006
Last Login:June 9, 2015
Location:Beachwood, OH
Birthday:February 19
Music means to me:Music means to me.... well music means all the stuff in the world including cheesecake
Schools:Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School... DUH
General Interests:Listening to music, playing music, making music, watching music, seeing music, watching tv, watching DVDs
Other Distractions:I like watching DVDs


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