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About me:Drummer from West "BY GOD" Vrginia. I'm also starting too learn the guitar from all my friends. Now out in Illinois learning how to build guitars, eletric, solidbodys. Been playing all of my life. Have five good cd's too my credit, from the bands that i've played in in WV.
Member Since:August 4, 2009
Last Login:March 6, 2015
Location:Farmersville, IL
Birthday:July 25
Music means to me:My life, any witch way you can turn it.
Schools:fairmont senior high school, Fairmont State university, and numerious other Amry schools through out my enlistment.
General Interests:finding someone who will enjoy my music as mutch as i do. love my kids and then my old dog.
Other Distractions:moved out to Illinois to get schooled in the art of building these finly tuned machines. then planning on going back home to open up a guitar shop. I'll try too work out the rest of my life doing something to make myself the money instead of it always going too some one elese.


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