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About me:I work at a bar where we are trying to promote the local music scene. its going pretty well, so anyone living in (or visiting) Macon, GA should come by the Powerstation & check us out.
Member Since:July 23, 2005
Last Login:November 26, 2007
Location:Macon, GA
Birthday:November 3
Music means to me:EVERYTHING! I love all kinds of music. I'll give everything a chance. My favorite band is the Drive-By Truckers.
Schools:Southwest High School,
General Interests:music, reading, camping, canoeing, driving in my car, road trips!, woodburning, jewelry
Other Distractions:Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Kill Bill 1&2, i'm a sucker for cosmo, glamour, jane magazines, all C.S.I.'s, heros, the unit.


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