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About me:A quick summary..
My names Jodi Lynn
& I'm 19 years young
I have an 8 month old son. He's basically my everything <3
I'm the type of girl that feels bad after picking a flower, if that makes sense...
My passion for music is sumthin pretty fierce
From Electronic to to Psychedelic its all has a place in my heart
I love road trips & Nature walks
As well as trying new things & meeting new people
I love drawing. Ima pretty good doodler :D favorite color is purple.
If you're reading this hopefully ill see you around
xoxo <3
Member Since:October 26, 2010
Last Login:October 19, 2011
Location:Creve Coeur, IL
Birthday:September 14
Music means to me:It's kinda like oxygen, without it I'd die.. I cant imagine wakin up & not having a tune stuck in my head.. Or hummin a little jam to match my mood.. Or being that dork that mocks guitar solo's vocally & proudly thinks it deffinatley sounded like THE SHIT


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