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My Phish Memory
Sun 11/11/2007 12:57PM
I guess I'm got into Phish pretty early for my age. I am now 23. For a little background, I was raised in a strict rightwing bible beating house hold with a Military father... So the music I was allowed to listen too was very slim. My parents actually took away any radio in my room until i was a freshman in highschool. Nor was I allowed to buy music till I was 16(That did'nt mean i could'nt trade tapes!) Any way I had an older brother (by 3 years). The Christmas of my 7th grade year so I was like 13 andvmy brother gave me 6 Phish taps with bootleg covers and a note that said, "Vaughan I hope you like this music is a great gift" The tapes were Clifford Ball set I-III, Arrow Head Ranch Sets I-II from 97 I believe with the Giant Country Horns, Cracklin Rosie second set, and then the Gamehendge tape. To this day that was the greatest gift I have ever been given. From that moment forward I was hooked. I was not allow to see a concert till i was 15 but I finally did with my big brother by my side! It was Phish Rynolds Colosium on 12/13/99 Wilson opener. I managed to get in 17 Phish shows between then and when they broke up! Funest nights of mylife and the music molded my Childhood as well as help my older brother and I bond and share a similar love. Thanks to PHISH and my big bro for changing my life forever