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About me:Ryan Hickey is a fresh, talented artist/teacher with an array of styles, instruments and experience. His devotion to understanding all types of music on and off the stage, and eagerness to play live, transcending, music for audiences has set him apart from many others.

You can never put a finger on what Ryan Hickey's particular styles might be. From a classicly trained background, through a self taught understanding of Jazz, Folk, and Bluegrass, to a Grateful, Allman way of playing, Ryan mixes all types of styles and sounds to bring you the latest buzz for your ears.

Ryan Hickey has toured the East cost with some appearances in the Midwest. He has played many elite venues including World Cafe Live, BBKings (NYC) Zanzibar Blue, House of Blues (A.C.), Red Square(Burlington, VT), Stratton & Killington Mounting VT., Kalamazoo Island Fest (MI) and The Outer Banks Brewing Station.
Member Since:July 13, 2004
Last Login:October 23, 2012
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:January 6
Music means to me:The Auditory form of Dance.
General Interests:Hiking, Crusing down the mountain on a snowboard, water skiing, camping, Philadelphia Folk Fest and making art.
Other Distractions:Of Course the 2008 World Champion PHILLIES and the other big 3 Philadelphia Teams!


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