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Springsteen's - Working on a Dream
Tue 1/27/2009 8:51AM
Working on a Dream
Bruce Springsteen
Release date January 27, 2009

Outlaw PeteĀ 

The record starts with a rousing romp through the badlands, while Pete
Why Do I Like Certain Songs
Tue 1/27/2009 5:18AM
I was reading another blog called setting the woods on fire

His idea is to use Venn diagrams, or overlapping circles to explain why a song appealed to him. I liked the concept, trying to make what I like more understandable, but use different metrics.

His are Quallity with Familiarity on one side and Nostalgia on the other. So, it had to be well-done but either have a hint of new or of old.

Really interesting analysis. For me it was always just the "sound". did it hit me, move me, make me open my eyes a bit?
But I really like the Venn diagrams. I would probably label them as the "sound", the "passion" and the "riffs or quality" in the middle. My records were The Beatles White Album, The Band, Allman Brothers' Live at the Fillmore, later Bruce's The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle and then later still an obscure song done at a Dylan concert called Born in Time. A friend had given me a tape and now I'm a certified Bob head.

I think all of this music took me to a different place but it did build on the music that came before. Sounds like his Venn diagrams. But there had to more. It had to move me in a way that was new. It wasn't quite as logical as this makes it sound. More just like, Ah Hah!!! I like that. It sounds good. I want to hear it again. What else is like this? Who are these guys?

This takes me back, trying to remember where the different musical peaks have been. Fun to do. Maybe you'd like to as well. If so, leave a comment. Maybe like me your comment will turn into a post. If so, send it to me. There is more here to consider.