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About me:I'm Laurel from Minnetonka, a suburb of Minneapolis... I am 18 and about to graduate high school... Attending Evergreen State College in Washington next year... Enviro Law peeps! I love animals, and activism...I do many things, from frolfing to sewing to writing... I have been playing the piano since 2nd grade... threw in some clarinet, and drums over the years.. I have been trying to save up for a banjo for a few years, but it's been unsuccessful... maybe this year! I really like people, and human nature... I really hate ignorance... My biggest interests right now are Conservation and my local revolution, the genocide in Darfur, sustainable environments and eco-friendly/ alternative products and solutions, women's reproductive rights/ improving sex ed in schools/ pro-choice activism, animal rights!!!, promoting vegetarian and veganism, the 1960's counter-culture pioneers, fair-trade, organic standards and sustainable agriculture, the local economy, and global warming. I am a self proclaimed die-hard for festivals... Harmony Park and Soo Pass Ranch are home to me each spring/summer... I get really blissed out, inspired, and rejouvinated when I see live shows... I hit up many many shows that roll into town, or when I can, in WI or IA... My regular joints are The Cabooze- all of the heady shows go down there, but the best part is wednesday night get downs with God Johnson and friends... the Cabooze is like cheers.. everybody knows your name. It's like a weekly family reunion for the Minnesota groove crew... And Dulono's Pizza in uptown on fridays and saturdays- there is always great live bluegrass, good pizza and good parking, haha. Local bands come, and regular bands play a lot... It's not uncommon to run into members of popular mpls bluegrass, folk and jam bands, plus what's his face from Bluegrass Saturday Mornings... I love it, because it's a sure- hit any weekend, with quality bluegrass and familiar songs. Dulono's fridays and saturdays are truely the best, if you can handle dancing from your seat that is, because minneapolis doesn't otherwise have a great, genuine bluegrass venue, nor are there regular bluegrass shows, even though we have some of the best talent and bands here in MN... MPLS is more into the rock and jam. okay, back to about me... I work at Lakewinds, one of the Twin Cities natural foods co-ops, which is great... I live in a conservative, wealthy, bullshit suburb in which everyone either has one of the thousands of mansions on the west side, on the filthy, yet beloved Lake Minnetonka, or in a dinky shack that is atleast 50 years old. I'm lucky, I live on the East side, by the few scarce areas left w/ the natural landscape and vegetation, creeks and big parks... in a very modest home with my grandparents, in the neighborhood that started it all... I think we're the only neighborhood that doesn't have those annoying cement drop off drainage deals at teh endof the driveway... those thigns that bottom out the front of your car if you dont back into the street at a severe angle... I'm very happy about that, and we have a huge yard... I have 3 dogs, 2 we found roaming around our old, out-dated farm near Canada, and one that was so pitiful and homely at the humane society that I had no choice but to take him in... we have a lot of fun at our house... I have a lot of good friends, a couple that I keep within reaching distance at all times, but most are my tight buds who always say "LAUREL!!!" when I make one of my few and far between appearances at decent social gatherings... I really appreciate having my social network outside of my high school.. it's through 3 surrounding school districts, and those who have already graduated from them, plus those who I've become really tight with through shows, festivals, and liberal or specific interest events... As the years have passed, everyone has linked and met everyone, so the "heady, liberal, kynd, positive, wonderful, trippy " kids.. kidsa s in 17-25 years of age... know eachother and go to all the same shows and link up all the time... Minnesota's a damn good place to grow up, We have the boundry waters, duluth, superior, "up north"/cabin country, Lutsen, easy access to Canada, and 2 major cities that sit next to eachother... Everyone is real, real chill for the most part.. once you get away from the suburban types... real peaceful place to be, we have lakes all over the place, Oak trees, and for the older ones... the headiest, coolest, friendliest, inter-connected, most creative, outdoorsiest music scene that, besides the dozens of amazing bands we call ours, we attract the big guys... Great shows come to MPLS... theyre never the big, stadium shows- no one goes, anyways because why pay $100 to see Clapton from 100 yards away, when you could go to every God Johnson show for a year where youre going ot have the greatest time over and over again? we're not silly, people. We've got tight venues, an extremely liberal city full of peace makers who zip around on bikes year round, go to shows daily, drink the greatest beer ritually, and call the co-op home... all the venues are w/in one light rail ride away from eachother... and we've got 10,000 Lakes Festival... the greatest, most euphoric and straight up heady festival in allll the land, that has yet to be tainted and overtaken by indie, reunited rock, radio-friendly, or sell out bands... except maybe having trey coming back over and over again.. Where else do you get to camp in the woods with 20,000 of your closest friends, and still have plenty of room to feel at home? And for those who are MN and WI (mostly just eau clair, and mad-town) natives, we call the magical Harmony Park home 3-4 times each summer... Memorial Day weekend, we have The Big Wu Family Reunion, which met it's match this year and was revamped, and mixed up and is now Bella Luna festival, which will take some adjusting and time to get over the tradition of Wu under the stars, but we've got MMW coming, and a real nice line up for the first year running... we have the new Project earth that's non-profit, and completely for the wookiefoot charities... and labor day weekend in september, we have the craziest, trippiest, most rediculous and cosmic celebration in the world- Harvest Fest.... to sum it up, it's a big hippie flipping weekend with ample amounts of glow sticks, glitter, costumes, creativity, freakshows, things that blink and light up, non stop rhythms in all directions, and non stop movement of the people,-- basically the one last time to rage it and be a family under the oaks in our beloved, little park before we have to hibernate for the long haul winter ahead... everyone gets their fill for the 8 month spell that follows, thats for sure.
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