Rock Falls Park's Profile

About me:A place to enjoy live rock, blues, blue grass, folk and such on two stages then jam around the bonfire till dawn up on the grove creekside on the Slippery Rock Creek.
Member Since:March 4, 2008
Last Login:April 29, 2008
Location:Slippery Rock, PA
Birthday:May 1
Music means to me:Music doth have charms to soothe the savage breast. (not beast, though birds dig it and most dogs will sing to a harmonica accompaniment.) If there is such a thing as a good addiction, this is it.
Schools:Self educated down through the ages
General Interests:History, especialy the history of all the people who have walked over me, camped on my grove, splashed and played and fell in love on the falls. And in the future. I'm interested in nurturing the goodness and energy of all the good people who visit here.


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