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About me:Born and raised in Italy. Got in the US 4 years ago. In Phx for 2 years. I'm trying to find a place call home and it seems everywhere I go I find friends and feel home.... I love arts and music is at the top of the list. Please never stop play, never stop listening .... ciao
Member Since:January 7, 2008
Last Login:November 11, 2009
Location:Phoenix, AZ
Birthday:May 5
Music means to me:Life and everything. I m starting to learn some more about playing guitar and drums... Gathering with friends, sharing a drink in a cold night with music as soundtrack its all it matters.
There s no place I ll go without music Music takes me every place I wanna go
Schools:High School
General Interests:Women, Fantasy. comix,sculptures.painting,photographs . Nature in all her forms, foood!, diving, climbing, partying all night, campfire, woods, playing music, dancing to the music
Other Distractions:Jam in with anybody who's willing to pick up an instrument and try to play it


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