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About me:Sierra Foothills Music and Arts Freak
Member Since:November 9, 2005
Last Login:April 10, 2014
Location:Nevada City, CA
Birthday:December 26
Music means to me:everything
Schools:piano, silver flute, accordian, acoustic guitar, vocals, bamboo flute, you name it I can probably play it
General Interests:High Sierra Music Festival, Bobolink Music Festival, Burning Man, Las Tortugas Halloween Festival, Railroad Earth, Blue Turtle Seduction, creating, loving, being loud!
Other Distractions:My favorite musician is Andy Goessling. I also love Todd Scheaffer, Neko Case, Kristin Hersh, Sean Lehe, Jay Seals, Tim Carbone, Vince Herman.....


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20 Albums That Changed My World
Sun 2/22/2009 11:21AM
1) XANADU SOUNDTRACK: OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN, ELO ~ I had a crush on Olivia at age 10. This album took my mind into a world of fantasy at a young age, where dancing, rollerskating, and magic ruled. I hoped to be there