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About me:Im a real laid back, down to earth guy. I love to play sports, chill out and listen to music and see concerts. Im from North Jersey and just graduated from college. I like to party but I also love nature and the outdoors. I try to live life to the fullest and not take things too seriously.
Member Since:October 8, 2008
Last Login:February 21, 2015
Location:Rockaway, NJ
Birthday:June 3
Music means to me:Music is a way to keep my life from becoming routine. so kick back and enjoy some tunes.
Schools:Rowan University 08'
General Interests:Horseshoes, baseball, football, BBQ's, pong, fishing, camping, snorkeling, reading, hiking, rafting, the outdoors, festivals, the simpsons, family guy
Other Distractions:Hitting rocks with a stick(baseball style), climbing trees, swimming, cliff jumping, skateboarding, festivalin'


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