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About me:Single gal who loves to suck the marrow right out of life. Whether it be sunbathing by large bodies of water during the summer, to traveling, to dancing, or experiencing live music, I, pretty much, want to do it all at least once, and regularly, if I like it!
Member Since:January 25, 2008
Last Login:January 23, 2009
Location:Rossville, GA
Birthday:April 3
Music means to me:I with and for and because of music... listening to, and dancing to music, is everything to me!!! It's like breathing air... I can't live without it for long, nor do I want to.
General Interests:pretty much anything outdoors... I love to camp, and love pretty much any body of water, from secret swimming holes to rivers and oceans.
Other Distractions:People, man. I both love and dislike people. They're a constant distraction for me... the fun-loving ones in a good way, the mean ones, in a bad way.


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