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About me:I play drums and Percussion. Some more, never less. Looking to put something together with groove, soul, drive, and it has to move brothers and sisters! It has to move!
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Location:Williamsburg, VA
Birthday:March 10
Music means to me:The world, the future, the now... It's the glue that binds us all and lets us know we have a soul.
Schools:Various Schools and Learning Institutions.
General Interests:Family, Music, Snowboarding...
Other Distractions:I really dig on yard work.


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A little about me...
Wed 2/13/2008 12:16PM

I'm a drummer/budding percussion native Seattlite. I have been playing around the area since about 96', and before that lived on the coast in Oregon. Some of the bands I have played in are Swag Method, Cannibal Lunchbox, Papa Soul Seed, 10 lb. Libido, Hot Laundry, The Secret Chefs 3, and The Erin McNamee Band. Other acts I have played with are Woodrush, Spare Ribb and the Blue Grass Sauce, and Shuttle.